what we do

We exist to guide you to your hair goals! We’ll help you navigate & transition to an effective haircare routine using our collection of good-for-you, gentle & natural scalp & hair care essentials.

What you gain is beautiful, manageable hair with improved look & feel and a calm, balanced scalp for healthier hair growth. You’re going to love us for giving you effortlessly gorgeous hair everyday!!

We provide one-to-one consults & group workshops to help you understand your hair, tailor a healthy routine to compliment your lifestyle, make strategic product selections and provide tips on application techniques for best results. Taking our quiz is the first step!

how we do it

CONSULTS - We raise the bar for hair and scalp grooming practises by arming you with practical, useable information & processes that will give you a balanced scalp and hair that looks and feels amazing with less effort.

We do this through our one-to-one consults, where we listen to your haircare woes and create a regimen to suit your lifestyle needs and hair/scalp type. We also walk you through strategic product selections and provide tips on application techniques for best results. Taking our quiz is the first step! We also offer fun & informative workshops and online content on our youtube channel, instagram, facebook and our blogs.

INGREDIENTS - Our range is brimming with quality botanical ingredients and herbal infusions to nourish, calm, pamper & protect your scalp & hair without building up. So you’ll know that every time you use them you are exposed to only the good stuff. What you’ll also see are more concentrated formulas with no fillers, so a little will definitely go a long way. Yes- less is more! We’re also particular about what doesn’t go in our collection.


Here is what you won’t see in our products:

  • no sulfates of any kind

  • no  mineral/petroleum derived oils

  • no silicones

  • no drying alcohols

  • no paraben preservatives

  • no  formaldehydes or formaldehyde releasers

  • no artificial colours

  • no artificial fragrances/phthalates

  • no  DEA/ DEA derivatives


Clean, effective haircare …and did we mention it happens to smell amazing? Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too!

HOLISTIC - As our name suggests we take a more holistic approach to haircare. We focus on hair and the skin of your scalp- which is often forgotten. Finally the scalp gets the front row seat & pampering it wholly deserves(!) with scalp specific products designed to cleanse, calm and deliver nutrients from the roots up. That’s because longer, stronger, faster growing healthier hair starts at the roots.


NO BS - Our collection is straight-forward and multi-functional, designed to cater to all hair thicknesses and with a no BS factor. What we’re not about is re-packaging the same base formula and labeling it for ‘frizzy hair range’ or ‘oily hair range’. Or calling a conditioner as anti-dandruff when conditioner has no business being around your scalp- since it’s your scalp that creates dandruff not your hair! Or labeling a shampoo as a curl defining shampoo – it’s not possible! Our formulations take into consideration the Protein/Hydration/Moisture balance to help maintain and bring out the best in your hair regardless of if you show off your natural hair texture or you heat-style/colour often.

other things you should know

Vegan & Cruelty Free - We have and continue to push for ethical beauty. Our products contain no animal ingredients or derivatives bar 1 and we are working toward reformulating/substituting this. We have and never will test on animals.