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How (not) to wash your hair

There are plenty of guides on how to wash your hair. We thought we’d cover a few how-not-to’s, based on questions we’ve received via emails and one on ones so far. Pile up all your hair on top of your head Does anyone else remember that wonderfully goofy Australian advert from Decore shampoo in the 90’s? Or even the Herbal Essences ad ? As a kid I must say I did take hair washing cues from them …but I know better now! Piling your hair on top of your head and swirling it round & round might seem fun or relaxing…but please don’t do it! This just creates lots more work for you down the track and you can experience...

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How to store your shampoo bar ?

We take a look at good and bad ways of storing your shampoo bar - a must read!We put together some guidelines so that you can store it in the right place and pick the best soap dish, not just the prettiest one!

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How to make your hair grow- faster!

Having long hair is almost always an obsession with most of us! There are a few things which influence how fast your hair grows and it’s not just about knocking back hair supplements! Scalp care… it doesn’t get enough air time out there but has a big impact on hair growth & even hair thickness. Below we break down some of the techniques to consider for faster & thicker hair growth. Wash Cycle Cleansing Nourishment/Moisturising Exfoliation Massage   image source Wash cycle (Timing) - Extremes in anything is never a good thing. Over the last few years of consulting 1 on 1 with clients, we’ve noticed that there are; people who wash too often (almost everyday) either because they feel...

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