How to choose your shampoo bar

Noora shampoo bars can be picked based on what feel/finish you would like to have for your hair. 

We’ve classed them into 3 categories:

zizi bar.jpg henna bar.jpg juju bar.jpg

Each bar is formulated not only to cleanse & balance your scalp but to offer optimum styling ability/results for your hair type. Read on to find out how.. 

so what's my type?

  • Zizi bar provides body & texture. This bar can be useful for fine/limp hair types & pixie cuts which need root lift & volume or a ‘beachy texture’. 
  • Henna Bar provides soft workable body and conditioning. 
  • Juju Bar  helps tame & soften thick/coarse hair.


    what if i have oily or dry scalp ? 

    Our bars are designed to balance your scalp's oil production, so whether your scalp over produces oil, is dry, flaky, combination of both, with prolonged use it can help balance it out.

    Detergent based shampoos were meant to be pH balanced and therefore non-irritating but unfortunately, sometimes they are too good at cleansing! They take all the natural sebum produced by our scalps, causing our scalp to over-produce oil to compensate this dryness, we then end up with that oily to dry and back to oily cycle we all dread!  Our bars use a carefully selected combination of oils to produce a full bodied, creamy lather which only gently cleanse, allowing your scalp to self-regulate. This also means you can prolong the time between  washes, so no more washing every day because your scalp looks greasy.

    Other bonuses.. 

    + All our shampoos feature Neem oil a natural anti-fungal ingredient which can help soothe and reduce itchiness

    + And unlike any old bar soap our bars are pH adjusted, so this means less irritation and more letting your scalp self regulate


    how to use a shampoo bar 

    So now that you know which bar suits your hair type, check out our handy how to use video below to get the best and most effective results from your new shampoo bar. If you still have questions please get in touch with us: or on (08) 6180 8826