How to make your hair grow- faster!

Having long hair is almost always an obsession with most of us! There are a few things which influence how fast your hair grows and it’s not just about knocking back hair supplements!

Scalp care… it doesn’t get enough air time out there but has a big impact on hair growth & even hair thickness. Below we break down some of the techniques to consider for faster & thicker hair growth.

  1. Wash Cycle
  2. Cleansing
  3. Nourishment/Moisturising
  4. Exfoliation
  5. Massage


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Wash cycle (Timing) - Extremes in anything is never a good thing. Over the last few years of consulting 1 on 1 with clients, we’ve noticed that there are;

  • people who wash too often (almost everyday) either because they feel they have to as their scalp gets too oily or because they exercise and don’t want that icky feel…understandable!

  • people who wash every 3 weeks (sometimes 4wks), either because they are aiming to detox or move away from conventional detergent shampoos and want to go down the natural, detergent free + apple cider vinegar route..again understandable!

But neither extremes are conducive to a balanced scalp which allows healthy hair growth. Either you irritate and dry out your scalp by washing too often, causing dry/itchy episodes & hair breakage or you don’t wash often enough which can cause build up, itchiness and slowed growth. A good middle road allows your scalp a rest period between washes but also clears away dead skin, dust and grease before starting to clog up the follicles. By aiming around the 3-4 day wash cycle you can optimise your hair growth….also just before you start to smell yourself too!

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Cleansing - Finding your sweet spot in the wash cycle won’t matter much if the shampoo you use is too drying or too moisturising! Currently some trending words are ‘detergent free’ or ‘sulfate free’ which is a good sign as it means we are more aware of harsh drying shampoos. But there are also shampoos which are too moisturising and contain film forming ingredients that sit on the scalp, not allowing it to breathe. This build up stops the hair from easily pushing through the follicles and so slowing down hair growth. You might be thinking; ‘it can’t be bad to moisturise your scalp’ – we agree! But the best way of doing that is in the form of a rinse-out product rather than one that sits on your scalp until the next time you wash your hair.

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Exfoliating- Isn’t cleansing a type of exfoliation? After all; we use motion to wash our scalp so some exfoliation happens right? Not fully! Most times when we wash our hair during the week it’s a rush job, either before heading out to work/school or hastily before getting dinner together. Just like all the other parts of your skin, your scalp sheds dead skin naturally. But your scalp needs more help in properly shedding and clearing this dead skin past all the hair shafts sitting tightly together.


Exfoliating your scalp is one of the best things you can do to promote quicker hair growth. It works because you clear up the openings of your hair follicles making way for thicker fuller hair. Now we’re not saying that if you have fine/limp hair, that by scrubbing you will suddenly have mountains & mountains of hair! But it will definitely make a difference in the thickness of the new hair that is pushed through the now more open hair follicles. Added bonus, you also reduce random flakiness around your scalp!

To help this process; we recommend a comb or scalp brush with firm, medium thickness teeth for scrubbing effectively. If the teeth are too thin you create tangles and more work for yourself. Teeth too large or soft, then this is great for the next step..massaging your scalp!


Massage - either at home or the spa, massage helps to invigorate and increase the blood flow to the scalp- your hair production house. By increasing the blood flow you are also increasing the nutrients your scalp receives. It doesn’t have to be long or complicated, just a couple of minutes before your shower or bath can make a difference. You can use your hands or a soft scalp brush to give you that relaxing, nutrient boost your scalp deserves.


Happy Hair Day…xx