Do your shampoos contain detergent?

No. Our shampoos are cold processed soaps, which means...? It is traditional soap making, where oils & lye, and sometimes different butters, extracts, herbs, salt, clays, essential oils etc.. are combined together to provide gently cleansing, moisturising, glycerine rich soap for your scalp. We do not use any synthetic detergents like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate which can cause excessive dryness & irritation. We also don't use bubble boosters such as Cocamidopropyl Betaine or Lauramide DEA to create more suds so you feel like you are getting a good lather. The lather and suds you see from our shampoo bars are rich and of the soap itself.


How can soap be an effective shampoo ?  

What is shampoo? Generally a cleanser for your scalp/hair. What is soap? Generally a cleanser for your hands/body. Are all soaps created equal? Definitely not! Soaps will have a different ph level, feel and effect depending on what oils have been used in the formulation. We wouldn't recommend using any bar of soap on your scalp/hair and expecting great results. You will likely end up with a dull, matted tangled mess. Our soap/shampoo bars (we use these words interchangeably) have been formulated for optimum cleansing/lather/moisture content through the use of specific ingredients. For example the coconut oil provides that awesome cleansing ability we love. Plus other oils like Avocado & Castor oil will provide that nourishing/moisturising kick to the formula. You'll also see Neem oil featured in all of our shampoo bars for it's natural anti-fungal and soothing properties which can aid in relieving itchy, dandruff prone scalps. Our base shampoo formula is also less alkaline than usual cold process soaps which is gentler to your scalp but also helps to keep the hair cuticles down. Ie. Smoother hair! The lower pH and gentle cleansing ability aids in giving you a balanced* scalp without upsetting or stripping your scalp's natural sebum production/rhythm. Each of our 3 bars feature a unique key active ingredient targeted at maintaining your specific hair texture. You can visit each product page to find out more about the finish each bar provides.

*cleanse, moisturise & soothe

Do you use preservatives in your products ?

Where a formula contains water, it can act as a breeding ground for mould & bacteria. This is why our creme conditioners and other products which contain water will contain preservatives to help protect and safeguard your health but also prolong the shelf life of these products. We use Optiphen Plus which is comprised of Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol and Sorbic Acid to provide protection against fungal, yeast, bacterial and mould attack. It is Paraben FREE and Formaldehyde FREE. 

Our shampoo bars do not have preservatives.

Essential oils or fragrances ?

All of our hair and skin care range strictly utilise pure essential oils for the scent and aroma you experience.