About us

Easy, beautiful hair for the everyday.


We’re passionate about creating holistic haircare designed to promote a balanced scalp ecosystem & healthier more beautiful hair for the everyday. Your scalp finally gets the attention & pampering it deserves with scalp specific products designed to cleanse, calm and deliver nutrients from the roots up. This sets the scene for stronger, healthier, faster growing hair. Whilst our haircare range features products designed to gently cleanse, hydrate & protect to sustain and bring out the best in your hair everyday.


Clean formulas

Our haircare is stripped back to clean formulations, with lashings of quality natural ingredients without compromising on efficacy. We love reconnecting you back to nature with herbal infusions designed to nourish and promote wellness, and the aroma of essential oils to uplift & energise your senses. We formulate focusing on hydration, oil & protein balance - minus parabens, sulfates and silicones amongst others. We’re dedicated to vegan, cruelty free haircare and all our range is handcrafted in Australia.


Haircare habits

We love to spark in you, thoughtful & transformative haircare & grooming habits that can be easily implemented for beautiful, manageable hair everyday.