Providing self care essentials has an impact on our environment. To do our bit toward a more sustainable future we choose to reduce & reuse where we can, here are a few of our initiatives:

  • offering glass bottles instead of plastic bottles (certain products only)
  • bulk product purchases to reduce plastic bottles where glass is not a practical option
  • refill stations at select retailers
  • reduce the use of inked material on our packaging & shipping

Noora sustainability Turtle

Environmentally conscious

Being sustainable or eco-friendly doesn’t end with packaging. Often mainstream hair care contains ingredients that can have a negative impact on both our health but also the environment. This happens either through the manufacturing process or when we use our products, then rinse them down the shower drain & into our waterways. Some of these ingredients have the ability to bioaccumulate in our oceans but also sea creatures for generations to come. A few ways we reduce our environmental impact are by: 

  • taking advantage of unnoticed & under-appreciated botanicals like fruit & vegetable peels, seeds & nuts into our formulations. This is because not only are they potent reserves of minerals, lipids & more but we incorporate their embodied energy instead of throwing them away. 
  • using Certified organic ingredients that are minimally processed, free of GMO, synthetic fertilisers & pesticide
  • continually formulate reducing our reliance on synthetic ingredients & substitute for botanical alternatives

Sustainable brand