Juju Moisturiser

Juju Moisturiser

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Another classic from our range. Enriched with a blend of anti-oxidant rich Jujube fruit infusion,  this is our richer moisturiser and a good match for dry/mature skin and  great as a night creme. With Rosewater, Camellia & Carrot seed oils for the improvement of the appearance of fine lines, boost skin elasticity & hydrate skin for a supple, velvety feel..

+ Grapefruit seed & Rosemary extracts help fight the effects of environmental damage

+ Rose water, Aloe vera gel and Glycerine help hydrate, calm & soothe

+ Can aid in cell repair & help promote balanced skin

Suitable for- Normal to Dry/Mature skin types   [VEGAN]  

Weight- 50g

Aroma- Soft floral fruity; Rose geranium, Rosewater