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I really do love this stuff! it has allowed me to regain control of my very thick hair. I love how it’s made local and its vegan
— Samantha. F
Hi Zara,
I just wanted to congratulate you to your amazing products. I never had such beautiful curls here in Australia, since we arrived here 10 years ago my hair has not been the same...
— Laura.L

I purchased one of your hair shampoo and conditioning bars (in a heart shape) from La Vida Vegan and I love it!
— Maria. T
Beautiful products, made with so much love and thought! Love their shampoo bars!
— Marlene. L

I have thick, coarse hair and have used deep repair hair mask twice so far and very happy with result after both treatment so would recommend product for ladies with similar hair type.
— Debra. D
I bought this product at Perth upmarket from a gorgeous lady with curly hair. She was awesome and we had a long chat about how to manage curls. I wanted to message to say this product has transformed my hair. I have hated my hair for a few years now but back loving it. Thank you !
— Helen. H

Good morning Venus and Zara,
M. L turned me on to your products nearly a year ago and I LOVE it!! Perfect for my curly hair and smells like home.
— Tina. B
Jujube Creme- I am a 54yr old woman who has been using this crème for approx. 12 months now and I love everything about it, the smell, the feel the affects! My skin feels well nourished with no heavy or oily residue. I would highly recommend this crème. In fact I just bought a jar for my sister, I’m sure she will love it also.
— Christine H.